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Anemometer Loan Program

Anemometers are wind measuring instruments used to collect wind data that can be used to determine the feasibility of installing wind turbine equipment at a specific site. The New Jersey Regional Anemometer Grant Program makes funding available to New Jersey colleges and universities interested in administering and delivering an anemometer loan program. The program is funded by the United States Department of Energy Wind Powering America Program and funds provided by the NJ Board of Public Utilities Office of Clean Energy Program.

The Office of Clean Energy (OCE) is a recipient of a 2004 US Department of Energy (USDOE) funded Wind Powering America (WPA) grant entitled  New Jersey Anemometer Loan Program. Through the USDOE grant, the OCE contracted with Rutgers and Rowan Universities to develop and implement the New Jersey State Based-Anemometer Loan Program. Both Universities have installed anemometers for land owners for the purpose of collecting wind resource data for a period of approximately 12 months. The analysis of this data will allow potential investors and other interested parties to better understand the local wind resource and how it translates into energy production, as well as the economic and environmental benefits associated with the installation of a wind turbine. There are now five colleges supporting this initiative.

The Colleges and Universities enlisted as partners under the NJ Anemometer Loan Program will assist New Jersey in providing wind resource data that would help lead to the increased deployment of small wind energy technologies throughout the State. Below you will find a listing of the five anemometer loan partners along with description of their program design, target market, contact information and past results (if relevant).

Rutgers, the State University

Program Design and Target Market:
Rutgers University maintains a queue of interested customers who will be contacted as anemometers become available.  A site assessment is done initially to determine whether the site is a good candidate for an anemometer and ultimately the installation of a wind turbine.  Target market includes municipalities, farms, residential and small commercial customers.

Previous Installations:
Totten Family Farm, Long Valley NJ (May 2006-Jun 2008)
Stanley Theatre (Urban Setting) Jersey City NJ (Feb 2006-Dec 2008)
Iona Hills Farm, Hackettstown NJ (Set up Sep 2008)
Rutgers Anemometer Final Report

Contact Information:
Michael Muller
Center for Advanced Energy Systems
98 Brett Road
Piscataway, NJ  08854-8058

Jill Mesonas

Joshua Kace


Rowan University

Program Design and Target Market:
Rowan University maintains a queue of interested customers.  However, the queue list is now closed due to the large number of customers waiting to be selected for an anemometer.  Rowan has prioritized requests based on the town's zoning and permitting requirements.  Applications requiring a variance will not be considered due to the additional cost and resources required.  The college makes use of the State's available wind maps in their site selection.  The target market includes municipalities, farms and residential customers.

Previous Installations and Results:
LeBak farms in Burlington County, Salem County Utility Authorities in Salem County, and Ocean Gate Township in Ocean County.  Anemometers at all three sites have completed their data collection.

The results, including wind speed distribution, along with a more detailed summary can be accessed here.

Site 1:  LeBak Farms, Chesterfield, Burlington County NJ (Aug 2006-Aug 2008)
GPS: 40 05.228N 074 3.554W    Height of Mast:  30m
The average wind speed was 3.8 meters per second at 30 meters and 4.1 meters per second at 50 meters.

Site 2:  Salem County Utilities Authority, Alloway, NJ (Apr 2007-Nov 2007)
GPS:  39 35.249N 075 22.245W    Height of Mast:  20m
The average wind speed was 4.3 meters per second at 30 meters and 4.6 meters per second at 50 meters.

Site 3:  Ocean Gate, Ocean County NJ (Apr 2007-Jan 2008)
GPS:  39 55.458N 074 08.097W    Height of Mast:  30m
The average wind speed for the year was 4.3 meters per second at 30 meters and 4.6 meters per second at 50 meters.

Contact Information:
Dr. Krishan Kumar Bhatia
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
201 Mullica Hill Road
Glassboro, NJ  08028-1701

Assistant:  Will Riddell


Richard Stockton College

Program Description and Target Market:
Richard Stockton College is targeting municipalities and public facilities.  The college is proposing to purchase six anemometers. The college is also contributing funds toward the anemometer loan program that would allow them to have a 30, 40 and 50 meter tower available.  Facilities with existing towers will also be considered.

Contact Information:
Dr. Patrick Hossay
Associate Professor of Political Science
Jim Leeds Road, PO Box 195
Pomona, NJ  08240

Assistant:  Tait Chirenje


Ocean County College

Program Design and Target Market:
OCC is targeting municipalities in the Ocean and Monmouth County shore region but will initially focus on entities with existing towers.  The school proposes to purchase six anemometers.  Please visit the Ocean County College Anemometer Program Website.

  • Months 1-2: Identify sites to include federal, state, local and commercial sectors, including Coast Guard, State Police barracks, radio/cell towers, etc.
  • Months 3-4: Create database of existing towers - contact sites
  • Month 5:  Develop partnership, create MOA, order equipment
  • Months 6-7: Install anemometers, update website, press release
  • Months 8-23: Data collection
  • Months 9-12: Schedule municipality meetings to begin dialogue with the various zoning boards about ordinances and wind power towers
  • Month 12: Report progress
  • Months 22-23: Develop matrix to submit to Office of Clean Energy (OCE)
  • Month 24:  Post final results on website, final progress report, publish matrix for OCE to disseminate to the public
  • Reporting:  
    Professionally prepared presentations will be offered to municipal and township councils in the region where variances were sought or research performed.
  • Website will include all data collection, analysis projections, ordinance concerns, variance procedures and wind basics.
  • Meetings with municipalities to discuss ordinance, variances, permitting issues
  • Meet with tower operators and discuss challengers and forming partnerships to assess wind power potential.

Contact Information:
Chris McFarland, Project Director
Manager of Plant Operations
College Drive
Toms River, NJ  08754
732.255.0400 ext 2994


The College of New Jersey

Program Design and Target Market:
The College of New Jersey proposes to purchase two anemometers and towers.  The target audience includes community colleges, businesses, farms, municipalities and a site on a tract of land off TCNJ campus in Hopewell, NJ (100 acres).  Visibility of project to be considered.

The strategy is to overcome existing zoning ordinances.  TCNJ staff will be utilized to evaluate permitting with municipalities.  The marketing includes development of a Wind Energy Assessment Center website, local newspapers and alumni newsletters.

  • Months 1-4: Acquisition of anemometer equipment, design towers, testing of equipment, site inspections.
  • Months 5-12:  Tower installations, creation of website, faculty involvement to address wind related issues, perform economic analysis for wind turbines.  In cooperation with wind industry companies, develop a set of zoning regulations and propose to towns for obtaining approvals.
  • Months 12-24: Identify new sites prior to 12 month period, costs associated with this include site inspection and permitting costs.

Contact Information:
Dr. Lisa Grega, Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
2000 Pennington Road
Ewing, NJ  08628


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Find a Trade Ally

Find a Trade Ally

Applications and Brochures - Download Program Materials

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